Take flight October 6-14 during the worlds largest balloon event. We have limited space, so make a reservation quickly. 

Flights are at sunrise only. All hot air balloon rides last 60 to 90 minutes with breakfast after the flight. If you are in need of hotel pick up, we offer hotel pick up within 10 miles of balloon fiesta park. Flights DO NOT launch from Balloon Fiesta park, however you will get a great view of all 600+ balloons taking off and after we are in the air, we will fly in the middle of them. We launch 35 balloons daily, plus the 600 other balloons from the park.


SHARED (with other passengers)

Weekday (Monday-Thursday) $279 per person 

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) $299 per person 

PRIVATE (pilot included)

Weekday (Monday-Thursday)- $379 per person 

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) $399 per person

We meet at 5:45 AM daily. Please prepare to be with us until 9:30 AM. Hotel pick up times may be as early as 4:30 AM

To make a reservation, please call the office at (513) 823-2750