Tethered Balloon Rides

Having a party or get together? We can help add on to you party and make it super exciting! Our tethered balloon rides are a great way to have a "mini" hot air balloon ride experience, each 3 to 6 minute ride will take you 50 to 80 feet and get a birds eye view. Tethers are usually at sunrise or at sunset. All guest must be 4 and up for tethered balloon rides. 

Local Tethers- within 60 miles 

Small Balloon- $509.00 per hour

Larger Balloon- $609.00 per hour

Tethers 60+ Miles Away 

Small Balloon- $599.00 per hour

Larger Balloon- $699.00 per hour

$250 travel fee, plus $1 per mile, first 60 miles are free.

Small Balloon can take 2 passengers per ride

Larger Balloon can take 4 passengers per ride

*Please call or email for additional information*

Static Displays

Want a hot air balloon at your event but don't want to go up? That's okay! We can bring our balloon(s) out and inflate them, at dark or just before dark and let everyone come up and look at the balloon and basket, up close (we do not allow anyone inside the basket/balloon)

One Hour- $479.00

*Additional Hours, $299*

*Free mileage within 50 miles!*