Frequently Asked Questions- Ohio Balloon Rides

How many passengers can go up? Our larger balloons can take 8 to 12 people.

How long is the flight? Each flight is 40 to 60 minutes. However please be prepared to be with us 3 to 4 hours.

Where do we land? That way! Hot air balloons fly with the wind, so the landing location is normally not known until we land. 

Is there an age requirement? Yes, all passengers must be 5 and up.

What do you take off from? We usually meet in Middletown, Franklin, Springboro or Lebanon. The final call will be made in the weather email.

How high do we fly? Most flights are 500 feet up to 4,000 feet. However on occasion you may reach a mile high!

Should we arrive early? How early? Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior. You may arrive up to 20 minutes early.  Please do not arrive late.

What if I can't make my flight? Please call our office at (513) 823-2750 to cancel any reservation, reservations cancelled less than 48 hours are not refundable. 

Can I take photos? Yes, however please bring a hand held camera as the basket does not have room for large cameras.

How do we get back to where we took off? Our chase vehicle will bring you back. 

What is the best time of the year to fly? It depends, however late spring to fall is the most common. Winter flights are possible, but not common due to cold temps.

Can we help? Yes! Usually our crew will ask for help, however if you are unable to help or wish not to, please just let us know. 

Need more Information? Just give our office a call! (513) 823-2750

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